Issues vs. Service Entries vs. Work Orders


Issues are for non-PM problems/repairs that come up on a vehicle. These are typically noticed during an inspection. A new issue can notify other users, and an issue can be “resolved” via a Service Entry OR a Work Order.

Service Entries

Service Entries are a simple and fast way to log service for a vehicle. It’s more for basic summary data (work accomplished, cost, etc) and is typically useful when a work is done by a 3rd party vendor and you just want to log it quickly.

Work Orders

Work Orders are more robust than Service Entries. Each “line item” can have its own parts/labor subtotals and you can even log which parts were used and/or mechanic(s) who did the work.

NOTE: When a Work Order is completed a Service Entry will automatically be generated as well. This allows users to see all maintenance history for a vehicle from the Service Entries list for a vehicle or through the Service Entries by Vehicle report. 

Service Reminders

Both a Service Entry AND a "completed" Work Order will update Service Reminders for a vehicle.

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