Parts Import Guide

TIP: Please view our training video to learn more about Imports

New to importing data into Fleetio? Be sure to read the overview article first or watch our video on how to prepare your import data file.

This guide provides an overview of the of the file requirements and supported values for importing parts in Fleetio.

IMPORTANT: All import files must be in the .csv format and meet .csv file standards. Go to to validate the .csv file if necessary.

If you have issues with Importing your data using a .csv file created by Excel, please try using Google Sheets or Apple's Numbers.  Excel can sometimes cause data issues when saving .csv files.

Parts Import File: Columns & Values:

Fleetio recommends using the Part Import template found under Settings > Imports when importing fuel data.

If using a custom template from another system, modifications to the file may be needed to ensure the data is in the proper format and can be matched up to data in Fleetio.

TIP: Columns not marked as "Required" may be left as blank cells in the import file and skipped during the mapping process.  

Column Required? Notes
id No This is a system generated field and should be left blank when adding new parts to Fleetio.
number Yes Each part number must be unique
part_category_name No Existing part category names must be matched exactly. If part category does not already exist, the new part category will be created in your Part Categories settings.
part_manufacturer_name No Existing manufacturer names must be matched exactly. If manufacturer name does not already exist, the new manufacturer name will be created in your Parts Manufacturer settings. 
manufacturer_part_number No
description No     

upc No Each UPC must be unique.
unit_cost No Do not include currency symbols.
No (Name Example: Each, Gallons, Pounds)
(Symbol Example: ea, gal, lb)

These two values are paired in Fleetio. If "measurement_unit_symbol" does not already exist, a paired "measurement_unit_name" must accompany it to have the new pair created in Fleetio. If either is not present in your imported row, both will be ignored for that row.

If "measurement_unit_symbol" is already present in the system, it will be used to look up an existing measurement unit. For "measurement_unit_symbol" values already present in Fleetio, a paired "measurement_unit_name" is not required.

NOTE: Fleetio also supports the option for existing Part records to be updated via the import process as well. Learn more in our Updating Data via Import File article. 

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