Vendor Import Guide

TIP: Please view our training video to learn more about Imports

New to importing data into Fleetio? Be sure to read the overview article first or watch our video on how to prepare your import data file.

This guide provides an overview of the of the file requirements and supported values for importing vendors in Fleetio.

IMPORTANT: All import files must be in the .csv format and meet .csv file standards. Go to to validate the .csv file if necessary.

If you have issues with Importing your data using a .csv file created by Excel, please try using Google Sheets or Apple's Numbers.  Excel can sometimes cause data issues when saving .csv files.

Vendor Import File: Columns & Values

Fleetio recommends using the Vendor Import template found under Settings > Imports when importing vendor data

NOTE: If using a custom template from another system, modifications to the file may be needed to ensure the data is in the proper format and can be matched up to data in Fleetio.

Column Required? Notes
name Yes
street_address Yes
street_address_line_2 No
city No
region No State/Province/Region
postal_code No
country No These must be in the form of County Codes (not names of countries).
See our  Country Codes List article for a list of codes
phone Yes
contact_name No
contact_email No
contact_phone No
website No
*Vendor Custom Fields No Custom Fields can be setup under Settings > Custom Fields. Any Custom Fields with the "Vendor" record type will also be available to import data into.

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