Work Order Statuses

PERMISSIONS: Only Account Owners and Administrators have access to manage Work Order Statuses. Learn more in the User Types article.

Every organization has their own internal processes for managing Work Orders. Work Order Statuses can be customized to better manage each unique workflow, allowing visibility into which stage a Work Order is in.

Manage Work Order Statuses

Navigate to Settings > Maintenance > Work Order Statuses via the left sidebar menu, or click your Company drop-down menu and select Account Settings:

Click the + Add Work Order Status button to begin adding a Status.

Enter Status details to include a Name (1) and Description (2).

Toggle the Completed switch ON or OFF (3) to indicate if the Work Order is to be considered Completed when this Status is applied. Completed Work Orders are no longer active, and Email Notifications will not be sent.

Toggle the Default switch ON or OFF (4) to indicate if the Work Order Status should be the Default setting for any New Work Orders. Only one Work Order Status can have the Default button set to ON.

Select a Color (5)to draw attention to the Status for easier visual identification in the Work Order List.

Customize Status Choice List Order

Determine the order in which Work Order Statuses will appear in the drop-down choice list.  Select the icon next to the Name to drag-and-drop into position.

Update Work Order Status

There are several ways to easily update a Work Order's Status.

1. From the Work Order List:

2. From the Work Order Detail screen:

3. From the Work Order Edit screen:

When the Status is updated to any Status flagged as "Completed" (see above), Fleetio records the date that the change occurred and displays this information as the completion date (1). Otherwise, the duration of the current Status is indicated (2).

Work Order - Complete

As noted above in the procedure for creating a new Status, you may indicate whether or not it is to be considered Completed. There are several important consequences to completing a Work Order via update to one of these statuses. 

  1. All selected Issues on the Work Order will be marked resolved 
  2. All Service Tasks will be logged, and their last performed date and meter readings updated accordingly 
  3. Service Entries are automatically generated so that all maintenance for a vehicle can be summarized in Lists and Reports 
  4. Re-opening a Completed Work Order will automatically delete any associated Service Entry

Status Update History

Status changes are also tracked in Worker Order Status History, accessible from the Work Order Detail screen:

The Status Updates screen shows each status change in a chronological view, with the duration of each Status shown to the right. If the current state is a “Completed” status, the Total Duration displays in the lower right corner.

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