Work Order Statuses

Every organization has their own internal processes for managing  Work Orders. Work Order Statuses can be customized to better manage each unique workflow, allowing visibility into which stage a Work Order is in.

Managing Work Order Statuses

Work Order Statuses can be added by accessing the Work Order Statuses link from the Settings area.

Select the + Add Work Order Status button to begin adding a status.

PERMISSION: The “Manage Account Settings” permission allows users to create, edit, and delete Work Orders Statuses.

Work Order Status Details

  • Completed: Set to ON position if a Work Order is considered to be “completed” when this status is applied

    NOTE: Completed Work Orders are no longer considered active and future notification emails will not be sent.

  • Default: Set to ON position if all new Work Orders should be given this status upon creation

    NOTE: Only one Work Order Status can have the Default button set to ON.

TIP: Select a color to associate with a Work Order Status to help differentiate or identify the various stages of your workflow.

Customizing the order

Determine how the order of Work Order Statuses appear by selecting the icon next to the Actions column to drag and drop the Status to the proper position.

If the current WO status is a “Completed” status, the Total Duration shows as a summation at the bottom

Change Status of Work Order

A Work Order Status can quickly be changed by clicking the "Status" button from a Work Order's details page.

The status can also be changed by going into edit mode for the Work Order, updating the "Status" field and saving the changes. When the status is changed Fleetio records when the change occurred and displays this information below the Worker Order number in the the Work Order index. If current WO status is a “Completed” status, we show the completion date as shown below. If current WO status is an “Incomplete” status, we show the duration since the WO entered that status. 

Status changes are also tracked in a Worker Order Status History modal. 

The Status History shows each status change in a chronological view (top to bottom) with the duration of each status shown to the right. If the current WO status is a “Completed” status, the Total Duration shows as a summation at the bottom. 

Learn more about the power of Work Orders in our  Work Order Overview.

NOTE: Changing the Work Order status to "Completed" will resolve all selected Issues as well as log all Service Tasks attached to the Work Order. Service Entries are also automatically generated at this time so that all maintenance for a vehicle is centralized in lists and reports. Re-opening a completed Work Order will automatically delete the generated Service Entry.

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