Trip Events Overview

Fleetio automatically measures the date, time, duration and location of certain driving events for a trip when the Drive Detection settings is ON. The following events are tracked:

Phone Usage

Counted when a driver’s device is handled for 3 seconds or more while driving at a speed of 11mph or higher. Moving the phone from your lap or front seat to your ear is the most common trigger for phone use events, but other big movements of the phone can also trigger an event.

TIP: Mount your device to avoid handling it unnecessarily.

NOTE: Fleetio cannot access a device’s phone and text records or see which apps are being used.

Device handling is detected by the gyroscope and accelerometer sensors in the device. The GPS sensor then marks where the event occurred.

Excessive Speeding

Triggered when a driver’s speed exceeds the posted limit:

  • By 5 MPH in a 30 MPH or less zone for 10 seconds or more
  • By 10 MPH in 35 MPH or faster zone for 5 seconds or more

Speeding is detected using the GPS and accelerometer sensors in the smartphone.

Aggressive Acceleration

Counted when a driver’s speed increases by more than 7 MPH per second.

Aggressive Acceleration is detected using the GPS and accelerometer sensors in the smartphone.

Hard Braking

Counted when a driver’s speed is reduced by more than 7 MPH per second.

TIP: Leave three additional car lengths per every 10mph of speed over 30mph to avoid some hard braking events.

Hard Braking is detected using the GPS and accelerometer sensors in the smartphone.

Trip events on the Trip Map

Fleetio will also display the location in which different driving events occurred on the Trip Map for every trip. 

For phone usage, hard braking and aggressive acceleration, click the event icon on the map to reveal more information about the event.

For speeding, click on the red portion of the route line to reveal speed and duration information.

IMPORTANT: Your device must have a GPS and Cellular signal for Fleetio to detect and plot events on the map. Events occurring in low signal areas may not be detected.

Historical Trips on Trip Map

Fleetio will show you a map of the trips your drivers have taken. You can access this by clicking the "Map" tab next to "List" in the "Trips" section of the menu.  To go back to the original List view, click "Trip List"

You will see a all of the trips that were taken in the designated time period. The Map defaults to Today's Trips.  You can also filter by Groups and Drivers to see those trips.  More features such as heatmaps, places and drive segmented maps views coming soon!

IMPORTANT: Any filters you have applied in the List view will NOT carry over to the Map view. You will need to apply separate filters in the Map view.

IMPORTANT: Processing large amounts of trips (1,000+) on the Map can take upwards to 5 to 10 seconds.

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