Contacts Overview

The Contacts component in Fleetio provide your organization with the ability to store and report on information for the various individuals your company employs and/or does business with. Through Contacts you can also flag individuals as drivers, create  Contact Reminders to trigger notification emails for important dates, and store various photos and documents directly to each record.

NOTE: There are also Vendor and User components within Fleetio that are separate from Contacts.

Vendors should be used for companies you wish to associate with Service Entries, Fuel Entries, Work Orders and Parts.
Users should be used for individuals who will receive access into your Fleetio system. See our  Linking Contacts and Users article for more information on the process for syncing these two record types.

PERMISSION: Every user from the Manager level and up can view Contact information. Account Owners and Admins with the “Manage Contacts” permission have the ability to add, delete and edit Contacts.
Managers with the “Create & Update Contacts” permission have the ability to add new Contacts and edit existing Contacts, however they may not delete Contacts.

Adding Contacts

Contacts can be added individually or in bulk through  Fleetio's Import tool.

Add a Single Contact

1. Click “New Contact"
2. Complete the Contact record ( *Note the following important fields):
  •      Employee Number: Unique number for each Contact record that can be used for searching Contacts
  •      Driver flag: Set this to the “ON” position if the Contact should be available to be assigned to a vehicle
  •      Hourly Labor Rate: This amount will pre-fill if this Contact is added to a Labor Line Item within the Work Orders component.
  •      Custom Fields: Any Custom Fields setup with the Contact record type will appear within this section

3. Save Contact or select the “Save & Add Another” to quickly enter more Contact records

Import Contacts

Contacts may be imported from Settings > Imports or from the main Contacts page. See our  Import Overview and Contacts Import Guide for instructions on importing Contact records.

PERMISSION: Account Owners and Admins with the “Manage Account Settings” permission have the ability to import data into Fleetio.

Documents, Photos & Comments

Each Contact has the option to have an unlimited number of documents, photos and comments added to their record. Utilize these tools to store important documents, scanned images and other information that needs to be recorded and/or accessed in the future. Contact Reminders

Use Contact Reminders to keep you up to date on important dates related to a Contact such as certification expirations, license renewals and inspection deadlines. View our  Contact Reminders article for more information.TIP: Create customized Contact Reminders from Settings > Contact Renewal Types.

Once these reminders are added to Contacts, you can start using the Contact Renewal Reminders report found under the main Reports are of Fleetio to quickly see which reminders are Due Soon or Overdue.

Edit, Archive, or Delete Contact(s)

Maintaining a list of active and updated Contacts is important to keeping your Fleetio system healthy. Utilize the Edit, Archive and Delete options to keep this list clean. 

Editing Contacts

Contacts can be edited individually by clicking the “Edit” link from the Actions menu on the Contacts page.

For bulk updates to existing Contacts, use the  Import feature in Fleetio. Visit our Updating Data via Import File article for more information on this process.

Archiving & Deleting Contacts

A Contact can be archived when you wish to retain their information in the system, but do not want the Contact to appear in your active list. Deleting a Contact will remove all information from the system and cannot be restored.

Contacts can be archived or deleted individually by clicking “Archive” or “Delete" from the Actions menu on the Contacts page. The option to delete a contact is only available if no records are associated with the contact.

Contacts can be archived in bulk by selecting the applicable records and clicking “Archive” from the Contacts list.

NOTE: Archived Contacts can be restored to an active status by clicking the “Archived Contacts” tab and choosing to “Restore Contact”.

Linking a Contact to a User

Contacts cannot login to Fleetio, therefore there are situations where you will have employees who must be added as both a Contact and as a User. When this situation occurs, we recommend linking the Contact and User together. For more information on the process, visit our  Linking Contacts and Users article.

At this time, linking Contacts and Users will trigger the following activities:

Reporting on Contacts

Visit the main Reports area of Fleetio to access the Contacts List and Contact Renewal Reminders reports.

The Contacts List report provides a listing of all Contacts setup in your system along with their basic information. Use the "Export CSV" option for a .csv formatted file containing even more information on the Contacts. The “Print” option will generate a PDF formatted file displaying the same information displayed on the initial report.

Contact Renewal Reminders

The Contact Renewal Reminders report provides numerous search filters that allow you to identify Contact Reminders based on the Status, Renewal Type, Time Frame, Contact name and/or Contact Group. Use the Export and Print options to generate reports to send or share with others.

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