Service Entry Overview

TIP: Please view our training video on Service Entries to learn more.

A Service Entry is a simple way to record service & maintenance tasks, inspections and repairs performed on a vehicle in Fleetio. Service Entries are fast and easy to input, yet are a powerful way to track maintenance expenses.

They work in conjunction with  Service Reminders to help you automatically stay on top of preventative maintenance tasks.

Work Orders are a more robust way to log service and maintenance, but not as fast and simple as Service Entries. 

A Service Entry can contain the following information:


The calendar date the service or inspection was completed.

TIP: Associated Service Reminders will use this date to recalculate their next due date.


The odometer or hour meter reading at the time of service.

TIP: Associated Service Reminders will use this date to recalculate their next due mileage/km/hours.

Secondary Meter Reading

The secondary/auxiliary meter reading at the time of service.

NOTICE: This field only appears if you've turned on the Secondary Meter for a vehicle.

TIP: Associated Service Reminders will use this date to recalculate their next due secondary mileage/km/hours. This only works if you've marked a Service Reminder to use the Secondary Meter.

Completed Service Tasks

One or more  Service Tasks (e.g. types) that were completed during the service. For example, if you get an Oil Change and Tire Rotation at the same time, select both of these Service Tasks - no need to create multiple Service Entries! 

Creating a new Service Task "on-the-fly"

Users with the "Manage Account Settings" permission can quickly add new Service Tasks to your Fleetio system while entering an individual Service Entry. Once this Service Task is entered here, it will be available to be selected on future Service Entries.

Resolved Issues

Any "open"  Issues assigned to the vehicle will be available to be selected and applied to the Service Entry.


The company or vendor that performed the service. Choose an existing Vendor or enter a new Vendor's name on-the-fly.

PERMISSION: You must have the "Create & Update Vendors" or "Manage Vendors" permission to create a Vendor; otherwise you'll only be able to choose an existing Vendor.


Invoice number, or any sort of optional identifier to lookup a Service Entry later.


Upload items such as receipts, invoices, or warranty paperwork associated with the service. Now you have quick access to relevant documents for a service/maintenance/inspection from anywhere in the future. Awesome! You can easily add more documents after a Service Entry has been created.


Add comments to a Service Entry for important details or to assist with internal collaboration. You can easily add comments to existing Service Entries.


The total cost of labor, parts and applicable sales tax for the Service Entry. The amount can be broken out or entered as a lump sum in the "Total" field. This field is also optional and you have the option to leave it completely blank.

Option 1: Total amount only

TROUBLESHOOT: When in edit mode, the Labor, Parts and Tax fields will become disabled if just a "Total" amount is filled in directly. To enable these fields, a user must first clear out the amount in the "Total" field.

Option 2: Breakdown of labor, parts and sales tax

NOTE: Select the arrow next to "Tax" to specify if tax should be calculated as a percentage or set as a fixed amount.

IMPORTANT: Manage Tax Settings from Settings > Account Settings at the top right menu.

IMPORTANT: A completed Work Order will automatically generate a Service Entry, therefore Work Order data will appear alongside Service Entries in all lists and reports in Fleetio.

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